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January 2004: People's Action organised a public meeting of volunteers and started building a network of supporters on the lines of the administrative and political structure existing in the city. The objective of the exercise was to consolidate the people's support for the organisation as well as create the infrastructure for carrying future programmes and campaigns through mobilisation teams.

February 2004: Under the Electoral Reforms and Good Governance programmes People's Action has also taken initiation where it was of dire necessity. People's Action in association with the India Habitat Centre organised a Panel Discussion on the subject of ‘Electoral Reforms-an agenda for the forthcoming Lok Sabha Elections' arguing on the three premises viz., it is patently desirable to see civil society groups lobbying hard to promote the better candidate. Secondly, abolish the withdrawal provision to elevate the seriousness with which nominations and elections are approached. And thirdly, the abnormally short period of 13 days for campaigning has to be extended.

March 2004: As a part of the Electoral Reforms it has also approached the Chief Election Commissioner to discuss on the issue of voters registration to the electoral rolls and make it an ongoing process barring election time. Pursuing on the issue further People's Action was able to get authorisation from the Election Commission to help registering new voters with the assistance of the Gurgaon Resident Welfare Associations and the local Election office to enroll them in the electoral rolls. In one such campaign People's Action Gurgaon was able to submit as many as 8,500 new voters for registration in just two days and still has hundreds to follow up.

May 2004: People's Action organized a landmark Election Meeting between contesting candidates and society and Resident Welfare Association heads at Gurgaon leading to the general Election of 2004. The forum became an example of infusing debate and dialogue into the preparatory phase of electioneering and an attempt at making candidates aware of a collective vote-bank of educated, middle classes that sees beyond community lines. This meeting also became a source of inspiration to the new voters in Gurgaon to come out and vote for candidates that agree to their demands- in effect it brought attention to civil society concerns and expectations from political parties and candidates.

August 2004: People's Action extended the voter registration drive and mobilized the community to register as voters in large numbers. This campaign later ended in January of 2005 with a cumulative rise in numbers of voters of close to 1,00,000 in the duration of the campaign – roughly over one year. This is a record according to sources in the Election Office.

October 2004: People's Action responded to the growing acts of crime against senior citizens in Delhi and organized a Conference of RWAs with Police and administration to address the issue. The meeting evolved a realistic strategy to counter the malaise but laid the responsibility of the situation with the Delhi Government and its policy of continuing to admit new settlers with no identification procedures. A website dedicated to registry of particularly vulnerable senior citizens was also mooted and later developed by People's Action.

December 2004: People's Action began a movement for electoral best practices by mobilizing Gurgaon associations to join and put up a ‘clean' candidate for elections in the state due in Feb. 2005. The act was a response to the common refrain of the middle class that they did not vote due to poor choice of candidates. This event became a watershed as a majority of the RWAs on the constituency forged an agreement to support such a move.

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