Lead Indians with People's Action

Lead India campaign launched by the Times of India group in 2007, was  a great aggregator of talent and leadership when it happened, but we  have seen little or nothing of a consolidation thereafter. Naturally,  why should it cease? Why should not the same energy that exposed  people from different walks of life as prospective leaders continue to  transform it into tangible and collective achievements in many  directions?

It is for that reasons that People's Action has chosen to not only  invite the finalists of the Lead India campaign but has already begun  working towards keeping the flame alive, so to say, and continue the  effort of identifying more such leaders from across the country and  mentoring them through the various activities of the group. It is matter of great pride that six of Delhi's eight finalists are  now working with People's Action, to carry through what started as a signal attempt at harnessing leadership from the four corners of the  country. As a step ahead, we propose to open People's Action chapters  in every city where we have a Lead Indian, to promote phenomenon of social activism and civic advocacy in every possible part of the country.

If you are a Lead Indian or know a Lead Indian in your region and would like to be a part of People's Action's Lead Indians, please  write to us now at info@peoplesaction.net. We would love to hear from you and take this movement forward where we can evolve strategies to  proliferate and disperse this effort into every corner of India and  seek out those who have the spark of leadership in them.

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