Auto-rickshaw/Taxi overcharging:

The campaign kicked-off in November 2002. Our view of the issue regarding cheating by auto drivers was based on the abject failure of the Delhi Government in bringing the drivers to book and/ or making any dent in the situation. Keeping in line with our approach of finding real solutions and channelising public opinion to positive Action, we created a chart of Distances between the main commuter points of Delhi. On the chart we also printed a conversion table that one can use to arrive at an approximately fare for the distance travelled. The result was stunning. The chart revealed that on average every Auto/ Taxi overcharged commuters to the tune of 100% over and above the actual fare! The Delhi Government, faced with the reality, promised to think about such a chart to empower citizens of Delhi.

People’s Action
has since released a Fare Chart for both Autos and Taxis based on the Distance Chart, which gives approximate figures of what the fare should be between the main commuter points in Delhi. The second issue that was undertaken was the issue of Pre paid system for autos and taxis at the airports and stations. Careful calibrations showed that pre-paid booths ended up charging up to 40% extra from unsuspecting commuters. This campaign was highlighted in the media and involved the Delhi Police, which mans these booths.